Gender Neutral African American Doll


This African American doll is just waiting to be loved by your little one.

Product Description

This beautiful gender neutral African American ethnic doll is the size of a real baby – 17.5″

When children create imaginary worlds and role play with dolls, they communicate at first out loud and then internalize the message about others’ thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Having dolls that enables a child to see themselves in can have positive long-lasting effects on children.

It may drive higher rates of social and emotional processing and the building social skills like empathy. These skill become internalized to build and form lifelong habits.


Dolls can help with:

  • Language/Communication Development
  • Social Development
  • Emotional Processing
  • Listening
  • Empathy Skill Development

This African American ethnic doll features:

  •  Poseable limbs and head
  • Full vinyl body (easy to clean)
  • Life like detail
  • Doll is sold with diaper cover – clothes sold separately


Ages 2 years +