Munchables Chewable Necklace – Starlight Pink Purple


Does your child chew or suck on their shirts?

Turn “DON’T CHEW THAT!” into “CHEW THIS” with Munchables Chewerly



Product Description

The Munchables Starlight Chewable Necklace features our standard smooth, round silicone beads. Round beads have slightly more “squish” than pendants and can be preferred by some children.  The pink star tip are made of a thinner silicone and therefore may tear by more aggressive chewing.

This beautiful necklace has Fuchsia, Purple and Pink beads securely on a nylon cord.

The matching bracelet is sold separately

Munchables sensory products can help with…

  • Providing potential regulating effects for the sensory system
  • Reducing fidgeting and promoting attention and focus
  • Stress Relief
  • Relieving anxiety
  • Assistance in safely stopping  chewing on shirts, finger nails, pencils and more.  
  • Assisting in the modifying oral fixation habits
  • May act as a sensory aide for Autism & ADD

This Chewable Features:

  • Tear resistant 100% safe food grade silicone (is ideal for mild/moderate chewing.).
  • Pink, Fuchsia and Purple round beads with a pink star in center
  • Nylon cording.


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