Puppet play has been demonstrated to help children express themselves and build confidence.  Playing with puppets can help children exercise communication and listening skills as well as practice real-life situations in a safe, make-believe way.

We offer puppet sets designed to help prepare children for different interactions they may experience in everyday life.

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Collage showing the two types of How Am I Feeling Hand Puppets available at Diversity in Toys.

“How Am I Feeling?” Hand Puppets – Set of 5

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Photo of the 10 puppets included in the Community Helpers Hand Puppet set: a farmer, mailman, doctor, nurse, policeman, fireman, chef, engineer, teacher and surgeon. This puppet set depicts a multicultural community.

Community Helper Hand Puppets – Set of 10

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Family Hand Puppets

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A purple puppet

Interactive Edgar An Emotion Puppet Kit

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Melissa & Doug Puppets

Jolly Helpers Hand Puppets

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Safari Animal Finger Puppets

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Super Hero Storytelling Puppets

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