Playing with figurines can encourage language skills, fine motor coordination, and social-emotional development.  Our selection of toy figurine sets feature communities and situations that children will encounter in their everyday lives so that they can explore and practice daily interactions through play.  Figurines also are a great tool for adults to have conversations with children about complex topics in a way children will remember.

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Community Helper toy figures

Community Helper Figures

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Toy models of people with disabilities

Friends with Disabilities

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A set of Friends With Disabilities figurines. Each set includes a figure sitting in a wheelchair, a figure using forearm crutches, a figure wearing a cochlear implant, a figure with Down syndrome, and a figure wearing dark sunglasses and holding a white cane to aid visual impairment.

Friends with Disabilities Play Figures – Set of 5 Figurines

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multicultural toy family

Multicultural Family Set

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