Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty – Mini Tins OVER 20 STYLES


We carry over 20 different varieties of 2″ Mini Tins – find the one that suits you.  Buy 3 and get a bonus tin free!!!



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Product Description

We have over 20 different options of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Mini Tins to choose from – each with their own unique properties and surprises.

Thinking Putty® helps build hand and finger strength through a fabulous tactile play experience with unique, unexpected properties and provides relaxing, yet stimulating interaction for anyone with sensory integration issues.

Crazy Aaron’s putty is non-toxic, won’t dry out, and won’t leave a sticky or slippery residue on your fingers, so it’s great for stretching, molding, bouncing, tearing, popping and playing by kids and adults alike.

All Aaron’s Thinking Putty is proudly made in the USA and is manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals with disabilities.


Pirate’s Cove – Blimey! This putty is chock full o’ skulls for matey’s seeking adventure. Explore at your own risk! This is a clear base with red and gold sparkles and skull pieces.

Rose Gold – This lustrous rose gold putty is the definition of style, elegance, and beauty! Rose gold base with sparkle.

Day Dream – As you dip and slip into a carefree state. Escape to a world that’s all your own. Come take a trip in the fantasy zone.  Translucent lavender with sparkles and stars.

Fairy Sprinkles– Stretch some magic into the world! Shine bright, spread your wings, and create like only YOU can. Pink with gold sparkles

Rock Roll  – Dig in, rock OUT! Crank it all the way up, and rock till ya drop with this classic jam.  Translucent red with sparkle and lightning bolts.

Avocado – Avocados are always a good idea. And this putty, filled with teeny avo-cuties, is about to guac your world! Avocado green with pieces of (clay) avocado

Funky Fidget – Sooth your inner fidget by working this satisfying funky feeling. Mash that putty and POP! POW! PRESTO! Keep those fingers digging. Translucent base with rainbow dots.

Super Star – Shine like the star you are with Super Star Thinking Putty! It glimmers in gorgeous tones of pink, gold, champagne, and ivory to help you and your ideas achieve star status.

Eternal Flame – Incorporating color shock technology, Eternal Flame burns bright. It smolders with fiery red glitter and reveals a blazing blue flash when stretched. Red base color

Coral Reef – The mystery of the deep. Coral Reef starts out as a sea of sparkling blue, but its color shock technology holds a surprise inside.  Blue base color

Night Fall – As the sky turns toward dusk, purple flashes one more bolt of blue before night. Purple base color

Moon Light – Just like the moon sparkling over water, Moon Light Thinking Putty is a shining silver with twinkling holographic glitter. Silver base color

Aurora Sky – Like the aurora borealis, Aurora Sky is a light green putty that glimmers with color-shifting sparkles and glows an ethereal green in the dark. Glow Series

Sun Beam – A moment in the sun. Gold with rainbow holographic glitter,

Crypto – Get your hands on this invaluable investment. Gold base color

Super Fly – Named for the creature with the fastest vision in the world, Super Fly Thinking Putty® will put your eyes to the test! Shimmering tones of metallic green and black give way to gray and silver, just like the body of a common fly. But look again and you’ll see tones of peach, mauve, and pink refracting off of its pearly sheen.

Aaron’s Thinking Putty can help with…

  • Developing hand and finger strength
  • Focusing
  • Sensory Processing
  • Stress Relief
  • Self Regulation

Aaron’s Thinking Putty Features:

  • 2″ tins with 1/34 lb. (0.47 oz) of putty
  • Putty is stretchable and sculptable
  • Non-toxic silicone
  • Never Dries Out
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals with disabilities

Ages 3 yrs +

⚠️ Warning: Choking Hazard. Contains Small Parts



Additional Information

2" Thinking Putty

Avocado, Pirate Pirate's Cove, Rose Gold, Day Dream, Fairy Sprinkles, Rock Roll, Funky Fidget, Super Star, Super Fly, Eternal Flame, Coral Reef, Night Fall, Moon Light, Aurora Sky, Sun Beam, Crypto

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